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Enhanced Sales Potential

We are a sales consulting company that specializes in helping businesses maximize their sales through a customized approach that focuses on:

Our mission is to enhance and maximize employee and corporate performance through world-class selection and development solutions.

Our expertise spans over 20 years working with over 450 companies within 45 industries and is influenced by our background in psychology and behavioral science. We will work with you to examine all parts of your sales organization from hiring to maximizing the performance of your best talent. Our system grows leaders who can observe, analyze performance, coach and effectively drive optimum results.

“If you want to develop your sales force and move them to higher levels of performance, Enhanced Sales Potential can provide you the professional assistance you need. Dr. Musser is able to remove the perceived barriers to performance and move your salespeople to greater levels of results. The payback period is short and the results long lasting.”

Ron Wilsie, President / CEO Westworks Mortgage,
Division of Western Financial Bank